The International Hamster Workgroup (IHWG) is dedicated to preserve and protect the common hamster (Cricetus cricetus), a critically endangered species that faces an ongoing population decline in most parts of its distribution range. 

At the annual meetings of the IHWG, scientists present their research findings from the fields of biology, ecology, physiology, and genetics. Experts in common hamster conservation report their results and efforts on current hamster population monitoring and distribution. Together they discuss conservation measures, recent status, and legal aspects of hamster protection.

In 2023, the meeting celebrates its 30th anniversary. It will take place from 29 September to 1 October 2023 in Vienna, Austria, and will be organized by the University of Vienna, Department of Behavioral and Cognitive Biology.  Vienna is one of the few cities where urban populations of common hamsters occur. These fascinating animals inhabit parks and green areas, mainly in the southern districts of Vienna, which provides an exceptional and delightful opportunity to experience common hamsters close-up. 

We cordially invite you to participate in the 30th meeting of the International Hamster Workgroup!


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We are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!


The Organizing Committee
Carina Siutz, Eva Millesi, Matthias Nemeth, Dagmar Rotter